Julius Isserlis plays Scriabin 24Preludes +2
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Julius Isserlis plays Scriabin 24Preludes +2

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[tracks] 01-24. Scriabin : 24 Preludes, Op.11 ( rec. ca.1962 : Delta 12022 , LP-MONO ) 25. Chopin: a) Prelude in Bb minor,Op.28-16 b) Etude in G# minor,Op.25-6 26. Liszt : Gnomenreigen ( rec. ca. late1920s~1930s? : Cristal Electro 1367 ) TOTAL TIME : 38'02" Very faithful & high quarity DSD transfer & 32bit 192kHz. Sound Engineer : Hisao Natsume - Sakuraphon Format : Mono CD & mini LP CD Julius Isserlis (1888-1968) b. Kishinev, Russia. Studied V.Puchalski, V.Safonov, Taneyev and Widor, winning the Gold Medal 1906 at Moscow Cons. In 1907 he travelled to Paris to have lessons with Charles-Marie Widor, and then returned to Russia to teach in Odessa. After the October evolution in Russia, he moved to Vienna, establishing his reputation as virtuoso, teacher & composer. Settled in London prior to WW II. In later life activities curtailed by failing eyesight. Specialized in Chopin and Russian composers, especially Scriabin. Recorded Delta LP(Scriabin) and the rarest Cristal Electro 78rpms (Chopin, Liszt) include here. Composed very beautiful piano pieces which recorded by the young pianist Sam Heywood (hyperion CD, 1989).